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Speech Therapy for Your Child

Children with the following medical or developmental needs are but some of those who can benefit from the described therapies, such as:

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Articulation Delay, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Birth Defects, Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Hearing Loss, Mental Retardation, Premature Births, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Treatment services that rehabilitate the child’s communication skills for the following disorders or delays; articulation (pronunciation of words), fluency (stuttering) voice, receptive language (comprehension), expressive language, pragmatic language (social skills), oral motor skills, and swallowing, which are essential to becoming an effective functional communicator in their adulthood.

What is Speech Therapy?


If your child has difficulties with the “How-to” of talking, this is a speech problem.


If your child has difficulties understanding what he hears or sees, or in organizing words to communicate, this is a language problem.

Did You Know?

Behavior problems can be related to a child not being able to communicate his needs and wants effectively.

Is you child a “picky” eater? Does your child only like certain textures or tastes? This could be related to a disorder also.

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