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Speech, Language and Hearing Screening

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Dear Parents,

Your child care center has arranged for Action Therapy Services to come to your child’s learning center to provide a speech, language and hearing screener, should you desire for your child to participate. Please know that you have the right to choose any provider for speech therapy.

The following is information about the screening process and what to expect, so you may be informed and feel confident and secure in your decision for your child to participate.


  1. You will be provided an Information and Consent Form. This form must be completely filled-out and signature of consent provided in order for your child to participate in the screening process.
  2. The completed Information and Consent Form must be returned to child care center prior to the scheduled screening sate.


  1. The entire screening process will take between 10-15 minutes depending on the child’s cooperation.
  2. Child will have hearing screening if age appropriate (3 or 4 years old) by use of an Audiometer. Headphone will be placed over each ear and sound will be emitted at the state standard hertz and decibels. Each child will be shown how to respond to sounds to ensure understanding by modeling how to respond when sound is heard.
  3. The Preschool Language Screening Test (PLS-5) will be used to help identify infants, toddlers, and young children at risk for a language disorder. This screening instrument is designed to look at six speech and language areas for children ages Birth through 7 years, 11 months.  This test is an excellent instrument for identifying children who may need to be referred for further speech or language assessment.
  4. The areas that will be screened:
  • speech articulation (how speech sounds are made),
  • language including receptive language (understanding of language) expressive language (how they use language),
  • connected speech (putting sounds and words together),
  • social/interpersonal communication skills,
  • Fluency (stuttering), and
  • Voice (quality of voice).


  1. Speech Therapist and support staff will arrive and meet with the center Director or Alternate Director and will inform of the names of those children that are planned to be screened that day. NOTE: Any child that is absent on screening day will be rescheduled.
  2. Action Therapy Staff will go to your child’s classroom and meet child and be walked to the center’s designated area. Your child will never be alone.
  3. First hearing screening
  4. Second, Speech and language screening
  5. Third, child will be walked back to classroom


Action Therapy Services will return to the learning center a Results Form for each child screened for you to pick up with your child that day.  This form will state any areas child demonstrated difficulty and if a referral for further evaluation was indicated.

Action Therapy Services will attempt to make telephone contact with the parent of any child that requested to be contacted to discuss the results of the screening.


DON’T WAIT! Get your child a complete speech and language evaluation, and if indicated begin speech therapy right away to address any development needs as early as possible. Early Detection and Intervention are keys to getting your child’s development back on track.

All parents are encouraged to contact Action Therapy Services or any other provider of therapy services at any time with any questions or concerns about a child’s development, as we are here to serve you and your child.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you!



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