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Screenings & Evaluations

Hearing Screening

Infant screening is very important because, without screening the average age of detection of significant hearing loss is approximately 14 months. When hearing loss is detected late, language development is delayed, affecting a child’s ability to learn and perform in life and school.

Even if your infant passes screening, hearing loss may develop later in life. If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing, talk to your doctor and request a hearing evaluation with a certified audiologist.

In the case of toddlers and older children, the most commonly used initial screen involves a pure-tone test. School age children should be screened periodically.

Speech and Language Screening

A speech-language screening comprises of assessing a child’s articulation, fluency, voice, and language and hearing to determine if there is a need for further evaluation. Your child may need a speech-language screening if you have concerns regarding the above mentioned areas or is not meeting age excepted speech and language developmental milestones.  Click here and directly to our Development Checklist

The screening can take take place at your child’s development center or your home. Please ask your school’s director to contact us to set up screenings at your child’s center!

Speech and Language Evaluation

An evaluation is a comprehensive assessment using standardized testing measures, informal assessments, observations, and parent/ caregiver report to address your child’s speech, language, and/or feeding/swallowing skills depending on your concerns.

  • Speech Evaluation – the assessment of your child’s functioning with age appropriate articulation skills, phonological disorders, fluency/stuttering, voice skills, and oral motor functioning.
  • Language Evaluation – the assessment of your child’s understanding and usage of age appropriate vocabulary and concepts, ability to follow directions, formation of sentences, usage of grammar structures and social language skills. Reading/spelling skills, as well as, auditory processing skills may be assessed.
  • Feeding Evaluation – the assessment of your child’s feeding and swallowing skills conducted through an interview process, an assessment of their oral motor structures, and an observation of feeding to determine their current skill and need for interventions.

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